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Minds Matter was created for one reason, and one reason only.

We believe that the medical system has failed to provide adequate care when it comes to mental health. Instead of focusing on lasting change, our system is built around temporary band-aids that hardly do the job, which creates a vicious cycle of dependency on the system itself while never really addressing the underlying issues.

Dr. Carla Denham chose to leave that system to build something better. At Minds Matter, we help you build a plan to naturally improve your health and happiness through nutrition and lifestyle changes. We will help you build a toolbox to carry with you as you tackle life’s obstacles, and help you sort through the mass of information available to truly educate yourself with real science and real knowledge.

Our job is to work ourselves out of a job.


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Your mind is tangled, you've tried medications alone without much success and you're frustrated. We’re here to help.

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Our job is to work ourselves out of a job. We'll help you learn simple but powerful tools that will allow you to truly heal. 

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Emergency Resources

Minds Matter does not provide crisis or emergency services. If you or someone you know is currently suicidal, violent, severely confused, paranoid, or hallucinating, IMMEDIATELY CALL 911. 

After the immediate crisis, click here for a list of resources for assistance with suicidality, substance abuse, or severe mental health symptoms such as paranoia, delusions (losing touch with reality), or hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that aren’t there.)