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About Dr. Denham

Dr. Denham has been practicing medicine since 1992. She completed her education at the University of Arizona and did her residency at Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. She served at Maricopa Medical Center until 2004 as an Attending Psychiatrist, Assistant Residency Training Director and Medical Student Training Director.

She continued her career at the Arizona State Hospital as the Director of the Adolescent Treatment Unit. Later she served as a Psychiatrist at Hospice of the Valley and Cancer Treatment Centers of America, where she helped patients and families through major life crises and end of life care. Before leaving mainstream medicine, she spent years treating our nation’s veterans at the Phoenix VA Medical Center. 

Dr. Denham is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Hospice and Palliative Medicine. 

Throughout her career she has focused on providing education to other doctors, nurses, support staff and families, helping them understand how to better care for their patients and loved ones who were experiencing mental health obstacles. She spent 4 years creating curriculum and providing training called “Advancing Cancer Care Today” with Eli Lilly and trained thousands of doctors around the country in assisting their patients with mental wellness during cancer treatment. She continues to provide education and curriculum to Hospice of the Valley and has been asked to return on a recurring basis to train their doctors and support staff. 

Her extensive experience with serious mental illness, end-of-life treatment, PTSD, family care, depression and anxiety disorders and substance abuse, along with her continued commitment to education of the general public on mental health and wellness make her uniquely qualified to begin Minds Matter. Minds Matter was built to help people create a plan to naturally increase their health and happiness through nutrition and lifestyle. 

Dr. Denham’s 30 year career in mainstream medicine has shown her the strengths and weaknesses of the current system, and she is on a mission to help those struggling with mental health to regain control and decrease their reliance on a system that is not built for true healing. At Mind Matter, Dr. Denham focuses on providing education about lasting changes that allow for true healing. 

Top left: Dr. Denham, posing for headshots she did NOT want to take. Top Right: Carla and Bobbi Jo. Bottom: Carla and her Daughter. Co-Founders of Minds matter.

Carla Denham lives in Arizona with her husband and their dog Bobbi Jo. Her children are grown and her daughter is the business manager for Minds Matter. In their free time she and her husband can be found attempting to finish the infamous Arizona Trail Hike, one leg at a time. They are currently on mile 395 of 800 and hope to finish the Trail before they die.

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A Piece of Mind

Sign up for our weekly email. No marketing, no ads - Just a five-minute read to make you think, change your perspective or offer clarity.

Emergency Resources

Minds Matter does not provide crisis or emergency services. If you or someone you know is currently suicidal, violent, severely confused, paranoid, or hallucinating, IMMEDIATELY CALL 911. 

After the immediate crisis, click here for a list of resources for assistance with suicidality, substance abuse, or severe mental health symptoms such as paranoia, delusions (losing touch with reality), or hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that aren’t there.)